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Born To Run: Secretariat Was The Greates Racehorse In The World! Video Below!

Secretariat will always be remembered as one of the greatest horses of all times and that’s a fact. He was a racehorse who established a new era in the racing discipline and horse lovers called him “the horse of records” because no horse has ever beaten Secretariat’s records.

His amazing 31 length victory in the Belmont Stakes still amazes people around the world and without a doubt horses like Secretariat come once in a lifetime. We envy those who had the opportunity to see Secretariat in his best times… he was the greatest!

Nowadays, we can only enjoy the videos of Secretariat and can only dream about watching one of the competitions he was part of. The video below was filmed in Secretariat’s home, the Claiborne Farm. He was 12-years-old when this clip was made and this is a great chance for us to witness the vitality and exuberant joy while he is playing in his pasture.

That’s why we wanted to share this video with you in the first place. He is like a child at play and it is clear that he is taken good care of which is a big factor for his happiness. He knew that he was a big star and that people loved him.

He was also aware that they were coming only to see him and this video he is performing for all of his fans displaying his speed, power, and control over everything he represents. The imprint on his hoof makes him unique and once again it shows that he is a special horse, don’t you agree?! Enjoy the video!


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