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Great Dane Taking Care Of Wild Horses! Incredible Video!

Wild horses are totally different from domesticated horses as they are untamed by humans and live on their own. It is not easy to get close to them and that’s what makes them interesting for people.

These horses are independent and don’t need humans to take care of them which is why we admire them so much. Just by loving them we can naturally learn some lessons from these magnificent creatures!

Unfortunately, not all people appreciate the presence of wild horses and “blinded” by profits they want to catch these animals for the purpose of slaughter. If they are rescued they are usually taken to sanctuaries and wait to be adopted, but while they are in those facilities wild horses are treated same as other horses.

The video below will give you hope that someone still takes good care of wild horses and that’s Barkley, a sweet and heroic Great Dane from the SkyDog Sanctuary in California.

This organization rescues wild horses from auctions where they are rounded up to be sold to anyone who will buy them. At first, those wild horses are terrified, but Barkley makes sure that they get the attention they deserve and he does everything to entertain them and relax.

He serves them happily as a therapy dog and that’s great as most of them are traumatized. This sanctuary is a nice place and has the best way of letting those horses know that they are home.

The Great Dane loves its job as you can see from the video and he probably thinks he is the ranch’s manager. He even eats with them as they are his best friends! Enjoy the video.


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