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Meet Abha Qatar – Associate in Nursing Arabian Horse Prancing sort of a Ballerina!

Standing ahead of one thing nice and distinctive may be a time period expertise and people people that had an opportunity to square close to Abha Qatar recognize that feeling obviously. This Arabian horse may be a image of beauty and his greatness cannot be measured.

we will solely admire his career and that is most likely the most effective criteria for its greatness! His accomplishments and recognition tell everything that you just have to be compelled to fathom Abha Qatar. He was bred by Marieta Salas and as she declared, Abha Qatar was the most effective colt she has ever bred.

Abha won the eu Triple Crown for colts in 2009 and also the next year he won Scottsdale Reserve Champion male horse, and city Breeders Cup Silver Champion male horse.

He was winning award when award and 2012 was additionally a tremendous year for him as he won Silver Champion male horse, European Gold Champion male horse, and World Champion Silver male horse.

Moreover, Abha Qatar was All Nations Cup Gold Champion male horse in 2013. These days, his offspring ar winning major championships round the world. while not a doubt, horses like Abha Qatar come back once during a time period. fancy the video!


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