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The Young Girl Ran Inside The Burning Barn And Risked Her Life For Her Horse

I hope something like this will never happen to you but I want to ask you this question: What are you capable of doing for your horse? Do you think you would do the same thing the girl in the video did in order to save her horse? Answering this question in a sincere way will be a very important determinant of how much do you really love your horse.

Now let’s focus on the story that we have here. A 15-year-old girl took the reigns in an incredible rescue of horses from a near-death experience in a burning barn. Madison Wallraf was driving with her family to McHenry, Illinois, stable when she noticed the smoke. Madison’s stepfather called 911 and pleaded with her not to go, but the 4’10 teenager ran frantically to the barn, fearing that her horse, Red, would be killed in the fire.

Madison told MSNBC, “I started off by just putting their halters on and pulling them out by twos, but then the fire started getting quicker so I just started wrapping their ropes around their necks and just tying them around my arms and pulling them out.” Madison was rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but her heroic act saved about 25 horses from certain death.

Three were able to escape the fire on their own and unfortunately, 16 perished in the flames, but what’s most important is that Madison is okay, and happily reunited with her beloved horse Red. What the girl did takes a lot of courage and is definitely incredible. Risking your life for someone: The greatest testimony of love.

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