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Race Horse Shoot To Dead!

For your information, the horse world hides many tragic stories, and keeps a lot of dark secrets. Horses get shoot and the sport industry doesn’t want the public to know that!

A 7-years-old race horse, Wigmore Hall, broke one of his forelegs at the St. Leger Festival at Doncaster, and because of that he was shoot to dead. You can see of what are we talking about in the picture beneath this text. The thing is that the sport consider this as act of humanity rather than one of cruelty.

According to them, Wigmore Hall was badly hurt and he was suffering, That has been the most humane way to safe him. That decision has been approved by the specialist vets, though the horse’s jockey has been shocked. The RSPCA’s equine consultant, David Muir, has been worried about the delay.

He said that the horse was in a lot of pain and they didn’t react fast enough. However, they did the right thing according to the animal welfare legislation. This type of procedures happen all the time, and they are an act of humanity!


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