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Champion of spurs and whip kicked by horse and dies

Christine Wels, this time her brutality has been fatal to her.

She was already known and condemned for tormenting training methods, Christine Wels was kicked in the ground work of a horse and so severely affected that they did not survive.

Newsreader: This is the training of a dressage horse: Again and again the former top rider, whose name we can’t disclose due to legal reasons, hits the animal for 30 minutes non stop. A hidden camera films the totally terrified horse even being beaten with the butt of the whip. We show the footage to the editor in chief of a reputable equestrian magazine (Oldenburger Sportpferd Magazine). He is shocked.

Jan Toenjes: You don’t understand “What is she doing there?” and the horse certainly doesn’t understand it either! A senseless beating…I’m just lost for words!”

Newsreader: The former well known dressage rider hits her horse almost 500 times alone in this 30 minute training session,but when she is confronted with her actions she denies them

Reporter: “Why do you do this?”

Wels: “I don’t do “this” at all!”

Reporter: “Why are you denying this?”

Wels: “I don’t torture horses-why don’t you go and have a look at the horses?”

But pictures speak a different language:

An animal protection worker leads the horses out of the boxes and they show evident signs of mistreatment. The pasterns are bleeding and their mouths show the scars of deep wounds-obviously the results of the brutal training’s methods. This is not the first time this athlete (trainer) has been accused of mistreatment of animals and is probably the reason she has now moved to Denmark. Animal protection organisations intend to forward this footage to the authorities so we never have to witness these images of tortured horses again.

St Georg already reported in 2007 about the former World Cup finalist, who in various stables around Hamburg was performing tormenting training methods. Wels was then displayed and sentenced by the regional court in Kiel. From northern Germany and Denmark she later shifted her activities into the Rhineland, she was misbehaving in different stables. Recently she housed the horses of their customers in a barn near Bonn, where she was reported by a vet, who asked not to be named with pictures showing open flanks and scarred welts on the hindquarters of the horses. Also watching Wels at work with horses – the horses were closest-out connected repeatedly beaten with spurs and whip, and if they made a false step, they were beaten.

In the accident itself Wels worked the affected horse from the ground. She was hit on the face by the horse. What exactly happened after that is unclear. Eyewitnesses have reported that they have seen her at work with the horse and the next moment Wels would have been already on the ground. She exhibited serious head injuries.

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