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Bride Killed in Helicopter Crash (Extreme Footage)

Warning: This is a distressing video. A video has been released showing a helicopter crash that killed four people on board a helicopter en-route to a wedding (December, 2016). The 32-year-old bride, Rosemere do Nascimento, had planned to surprise her fiancé Udirley Damasceno, who was waiting at the altar when the chopper crash landed a mile from the reception venue in a rural area on the outskirts of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

While it’s *generally* unfair to speculate, the R44 piston machine was in what clearly appears to be IMC. Watch what happens to the aggressive bank around the 1:42 min mark before control is lost. It was careless flying. All occupants (including a pregnant photopgrapher, Nayla Cristina Neves) were killed.

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